What is the Ready Logistics HUB?

The Ready Logistics HUB is an online verification system that was created to help manage vehicle assessments for specific Ready Logistics clients and partners. Enabling the self-managed verification by pickup location results in speed of delivery and improvement to pickup and delivery timeframes.

Why are you asking me to use the Ready Logistics HUB?

Clients of Ready Logistics are looking for more real-time visibility, tracking and reporting by pickup locations. The activity and updates provided by pickup location agents automatically delivers client’s vehicle status updates, condition, and availability. The HUB makes it easier for Ready Logistics to inform Clients of any issues and performance of pickup locations and specific agents.

Who has login access to the HUB?

Ready Logistics have selected a small group of verification partners (you) to participate in this “pilot” program and have preset logins for your use. When we get feedback from the “pilot” we will determine admins for each partner and allow you to manage your account and create multiple logins.

How do I use the HUB?

Using your preset credentials you can login and view the list of vehicles that need to be verified in order of priority. You can click on any vehicle from the list and follow the YES/NO questions presented and submit information you know about the vehicle in question. You, also have the ability to tell Ready if the vehicle is not at your location or any other important information needed in order to pick up the vehicle.

How does using the HUB benefit me?

Currently, Ready Logistics calls and emails our partners (you) many times a day, and always need to know the same information for every vehicle. The HUB reduces the amount of phone and email requests, and lets our partners (you) input the information as they receive it. Most verifications will take less than a minute to complete, so our partners (you) can continue running their business.

I use other systems daily, will you integrate with them?

Ready Logistics has identified the request, and though it is not integrated today, it may be considered in the future.

I’m receiving an “Unable to Login” error. What should I do?

Try clearing your browser cache with the steps below.

Procedure to clear the Cache in Chrome:

  1. Launch chrome
  2. Click Alt + F
  3. Click on Settings in the Menu
  4. Click on Show Advanced Settings on the Browser [ This option is at the Bottom]
  5. Under Privacy Select “ Clear Browsing Data”
  6. In the displayed window [ Select, “Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and Other Site data, Cached Images and files options”
  7. Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  8. Close and re-launch the browser.
  9. Try once again to login into The HUB portal.

Who do I contact if I need help with the HUB?

Ready Logistics has dedicated a hotline that will assist with issues you are having, please call us at 866-235-2973 or email us at hubsupport@readylogistics.com.