When you choose Ready Logistics, you don’t just get full-service vehicle transportation. You get access to Ready Logistics’ special integrations with other Cox Automotive products for even more savings, protection, and confidence. Read to see which ones you can take advantage of.

Our Programs

Ready +2

When you use Ready Logistics to ship your purchases from the Manheim Marketplace, you get extended Digital Buyer Protection. That means if a vehicle takes more than 10 days to get to you, we’ll extend the time you have to file an arbitration claim by 2 full days, starting from the delivery date.

It’s rare for transport to take longer than 10 days, but if delays impact your shipment, you’re still protected. If you have a long or difficult shipment, you can activate this complimentary program by simply submitting your claim per the normal process.

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RL +2 protection

Ready. Set. Pause

Pause the coverage clock on your DealShield return guarantee when you choose Ready Logistics for transportation. Any days your vehicle spends in transit with Ready Logistics will not count toward the 21-Day return guarantee. The coverage clock will resume on the day it’s delivered to you. To activate this benefit, simply submit your request as usual.

With DealShield, you can:

  • Protect purchases for 21 days and 360 miles
  • Return a vehicle for any reason

    (Does not cover Acts of God)

  • Receive a full refund of purchase price and buy-fee
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Floor Transportation with NextGear Capital

Use your NextGear Capital floor plan to cover transportation costs when purchasing a vehicle from the Manheim marketplace. Simply select Ready Logistics for transport at checkout. And when selecting a payment method, choose your floor plan. All costs will be rolled into your line of credit with NextGear.

Please note that you cannot floor plan the transportation by itself, you need to floor plan both the vehicle and its transportation cost.

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RL Floor transportation

vAuto’s Stockwave

Stockwave customers see real-time transportation cost and delivery time estimates from Ready Logistics when shopping for Manheim vehicles. Get all the numbers you need to forecast a car’s profit potential with more accuracy than ever — all from your Stockwave dashboard.

Not a customer yet? Stockwave simplifies your acquisition efforts with a curated list of units, ranked by profit potential. And helps you find more of the cars your customer want with live market data and access to 300+ auctions.

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