Employees: Driving Us Forward

March 22, 2016 | News

Every day, Ready Logistics employees across the nation work incredibly hard to push us forward as the leader in the transportation logistics industry. No day passes without their efforts being valued, but on National Employee Appreciation day, our management team was excited to give their employees and team members something to remember.

“Sometimes it feels like visibility is accredited to senior leaders when it comes to the great success of this company when in reality our success comes from our dedicated and hardworking employees who are on the front line every day,” said Steve Wheeler, VP of Sales and Co-Founder. “Senior leadership supplies the strategy, but none of it would happen without the masterful execution of our team members.”

Ready Logistics leadership secretly planned a free cookout for all employees to attend at headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. Music was playing, tents and assembly lines were made, and good vibes were flowing. Some of our leaders manned the grill with chef hats on high, some worked the serving line and graciously waited on our staff, but most importantly, all of management participated and was happy to do so. Schedules were coordinated, everyone had a shift and an opportunity to give back to their active team members. “It is so nice to be appreciated by upper management and even nicer to have them cook for us,” mentioned Ashley Weaver, an inside sales representative. “Work is so busy because we are shipping a ton of cars and hitting a lot of new goals. This type of appreciation and gratitude can sometimes get lost in the mix of things, but it is amazing to know it is still there even in a corporate setting, and it makes me want to work harder!”

In addition to this group effort, some managers found additional ways to show their appreciation: from gestures as simple as an appreciative and personal thank-you note to bringing in breakfast for staff. These acts of goodwill didn’t just occur at Ready Logistics, our parent company’s president, Sandy Schwartz of Cox Automotive, took the time to personalize a note to every employee throughout every Cox business unit.

Even though this day only comes once a year nationally, it’s an important time for companies to take a step back and sincerely look at what drives their business forward time after time. Here at Ready Logistics, we know we wouldn’t succeed without our employees, and we love going out of our way to make them feel just how valued they are to us.