Keep all 21 days of guaranteed coverage without losing a minute to transit time.





The “Ready. Set. Pause.” program is an exclusive partnership available through DealShield and Ready Logistics for dealers purchasing and transporting inventory from Manheim auctions to their lot.

When you have the ultimate protection of DealShield’s Automatic Purchase Advantage Guarantee and choose Ready Logistics for full-service transportation, time spent in transit doesn’t count toward the 21 days you have to return your vehicle. The clock on your 21-day coverage is paused the day that Ready Logistics picks up your vehicle and resumes the day it is delivered.

As long as you have the Automatic Purchase Advantage guarantee from DealShield, you’ll keep your full 21 days to return your vehicle. Return the vehicle for a full refund of purchase price and buy fee. The Automatic Purchase Advantage guarantee does not cover acts of God.

Program Benefits

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Automatic Coverage

For "Ready. Set. Pause." clients, DealShield's 21-day purchase protection is automatically applied to vehicles purchased from the auction.

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Keep All 21 Days

Keep all 21 days of DealShield guaranteed coverage without losing a minute to transit time.

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Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Eliminate costly mistakes by utilizing vetted Ready Logistics carriers and DealShield's 21-day Purchase Advantage Guarantee.

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Expand Your Buying Radius

Explore new markets to expand your inventory mix and sourcing.

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Save Time and Money

Save time and money by simplifying and centralizing your transportation and protection process.

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Dedicated Customer Care

Between every mile, we're here for you. Easily contact Customer Care to place orders and get status updates.

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Delivery Estimates

Estimated delivery timeframes provided at order placement to help you meet your delivery requirements.

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Daily Status Reports

Our network of mobile-active carriers use mobile technology to provide pick-up, in-transit, and delivery updates in real-time to a Client Portal for easy visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not every dealer is eligible for the "Ready. Set. Pause." program available through DealShield. If you are unsure of your program eligibility, please reach out to your Ready Logistics sales representative.
The cost associated with DealShield's Automatic Purchase Protection program varies. To learn more about the cost, please complete the "Ready. Set. Pause." form located below, and a DealShield team member will reach out to help.
DealShield guarantee coverage begin as soon as the vehicle is purchased from the auction. We recommend dispatching your vehicles to Ready Logistics quickly to prevent a loss of protection days while the vehicle is being staged at the auction.
DealShield's Automatic Purchase Advantage guarantee applies to each eligible vehicle purchased at the auction. There is no paperwork to complete, and current dealers enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that their purchases are covered. For more information on DealShield vehicle eligibility, please visit the DealShield website.
At this time, the "Ready. Set. Pause." program is an exclusive product offering available to dealers purchasing from Manheim in-lane or online channels, such as Simulcast and OVE.
Transportation back to the auction for returned vehicles is not covered by the "Ready. Set. Pause." program. Ready Logistics can work with you to ensure that your vehicle is quickly return to the auction. You may get a quote to transport your vehicle directly from the Ready Logistics website.
The transit time to return a vehicle back to the auction varies by location. Certain unforeseen circumstances, such as pickup location hours and lot access, weather, construction and other types of issues may delay transit.

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